Brown and a few of his friends :

Tour Director - Garrison Brown
Assistant Director - Randy McConnell
phone (864) 680-9686
e-mail - elite4golf@charter.net
Thanks to our sponsors:
Proud to be the only Amateur Golf Tour in the Upstate that that plays strictly by the "Rules of Golf"

No gimmies,
no pick-ups after triple or
"my handicap want  let me take over a double".

I wouldn't want to lose by one stroke to a player who picked up after triple....would you?
The Elite Sports Golf Tour offers one-day,
18 hole events open to all golfers (men, women and juniors welcome) who normally
score 100 or less on 18 holes.  Played on the weekends at top local courses in your area, come experience the camaraderie and friendly competition of tournament golf.

Our mission:
To promote camaraderie and competition by allowing the average golfer to play in fun, affordable, professionally-organized tournaments at a variety of local quality courses for great prizes.  We also provide an excellent opportunity for businesses and business owners to expose and promote their products and services.
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Golf exposes peoples' personalities,
their characteristics,
and strengths.
--- Gary Player

Adam Wilson
Hole in one - River Falls #6
Only one we have had in 15 years !!
Me and Zack Johnson.
He was very interested in our tour.
Her said he got his start in tours very similar then advanced his skills at Drake University.
Me and Paddy Harrington.
He also said he started young playing in amateur tours.  He is starting new property investment called White Oak near Tryon, NC
Click here for a link to his site..
Me and one of my favorites on tour-
Davis Love III
One of nicest guys I've ever met - Boo Weekley -
Proud to call this man my friend..
Mr. Gary Player
Confused about which Upstate SC
Amateur Golf tour is right for you?

Other local tours charge $75 to $100 each for membership fees -

You will spend over $500 in gas just to get to the courses on the other tours - Elite Tour promotes the  local Upstate golf courses!

Other Tours charge $50 for joining the points race -
Join the Elite Golf Tour and it's FREE.

FREE snacks, drinks, water, Gatorade, cigars, T-shirt, closest to pin prizes
Trophies every tournament, Skins competition, great fellowship

Other tours pick up after triple bogey -
Elite players score what they shoot!

We offer a SENIORS DIVISION (50+) none of the others do.

Don't commit to a 10 month 20 tournament schedule that will cost you over
$1700 in entry fees.
We have a comfortable 10 tournament schedule (March - September)

Make the right, affordable choice - join the


The Upstate's favorite for over 20 years.

2015 Elite Tour Schedule

ALL tournaments approx $55
with an Optional $10 skins match
(this includes golf fees, cart, skin pool $$,
free snacks, post tournament cookout)
**venues and tee times are subject to change due to weather and course conditions
tee times wil be between 10:00 - 12:00

March 14 - Pebble Creek
April 4 - Cherokee Valley
April 25 - Bonnie Brae
May 16 - Southern Oaks
June 6 - Links O'Tryon 
June 27 - Village Greens
July 18 - Smithfields C.C.
Aug 29 - River Falls Plantation

Sept 18-20
The Players Championship
Lake Lure
Apple Valley, Bald Mtn

You've heard about us, now it's time to Join !!
We set a comfortable schedule.  Not gonna break the bank!
Tournaments close to Greenville, great fellowship.
We are the Best, we guarantee it !

Discount incentives for multiple memberships
and referrals - Bring your friends and family !!

Ron German
"T.A." Allison
Brown and his friend Tom Lehman at the Masters
"No matter how GOOD you hit it..
You still have to MAKE putts."
------Phil Mickelson

Sunset at the Marina
Nigel Byrd
Matt Franks
Steve and Matt Franks
Havin' Fun at Red Fox!
"Master Chef" for the
Elite Sports Amateur Golf Tour!

Mr. Dean DeLong
2011 Elite Player Award
Ted Williams
2011 Flight 1 Overall Points Champion
Randy and Rip
Appreciation Awards
"T.A" and his Championship Hardware
"Timeout with TA"
on ESPN 97.1 Saturday's 9-10
Norm Russell
Bill Haas - Fed EX Cup Champion
Royce Ellington - Elite Tour Champion
Two really GOOD guys !!!
Brantley, Byrd, Daniels
Cherokee Valley
Tiger McConnell
2012 First Half Points Champions
Flight 1 - T.A. Allison
Seniors - Royce Ellington

Mr. Roger Vanderford
2012 Elite Player of the Year
Bill Raisch
2012 Season Long Points Champion
Flight 1
Joey Kimbrell
Elite Amateur Golf Tour 2012
Second Half Points Champion
Most Improved Player of the Year
Flight 1
Roger Vanderford - Birdie Club Champion - Seniors
Bill Raisch - Birdie Club Champion - Flight 1
David Neace - Eagle Club Champion - Flight 1
Ron German - Eagle Club Champion - Seniors
Season Long Points Race
Lon Hatcher - Flight 1 Runner-up
Roger Vanderfrod - Seniors Runner-up

Want to have some FUN
playing golf this year??

Join the Elite Tour !!

Best Courses,
Most Affordable,
Great Competition,
Most Giveaways,
Most Organized,
Most Fair and Handicapped Format
Earliest Tee Times,
Closer Courses,
Best Prizes,
Best Reputation,
Best Fellowship !!

"The BEST Amateur Golf Tour
in the Upstate for 20 years !! "

Unhappy with the current group you are playing with?  Many people are!! 

Try us out, you will enjoy us better, GUARANTEED !
Larry's Trophies & Awards
1232 Boiling Spings Rd
Donald C. Coggins, Jr., Esquire
P.O. Box 3547
Spartanburg, SC  29304
Phone:  (864) 585-5100 x 107    
Fax:      (864) 542-2993

Roger Vanderford

No other Upstate Amateur tour will offer this !!
Tell all your golfing friends and get signed up today!

Join the Upstate's favorite Amateur Golf Tour
for the past 20 years !!

Flight 1
Senior flight 50+
click for website

Never ben a Member of the Elite tour ??
Here's a deal you won't get on these other tours --- you ready??  SAVE $$$$$$$


If you are a NEW member to the
Elite Sports Amateur Golf Tour
Join us in January and you will receive a

Simply email us to set it up
we will call you to set everything up
(contact us e-mail located above)

Send us your name, address, contact phone number, GHIN handicap,
home course, and e-mail address
(if you do not have a hadcp we will set you up one.  

Membership will go up to $35 in February
Elite Sports
Amateur Golf Tour
P.O. Box 4618
Spartanbnurg, SC 29305
2014 Champions
Roger Vanderford - Second half points champ - Seniors
Frank Painter - Season Long points champ - Seniors
John Carver - Season Long Points Champ, Players Champion - Flight 1
Joey Fields - Second Half Champion - Flight 1
John Bash - Players Championship Runner up, Elite Player Award